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Carolyn Hammond is one of the UK’s rapidly growing Mixed Media Artists, with a reputation for creativity, flair and merging the traditional with the modern.

Carolyn works with clients to produce a truly bespoke, meaningful piece which resonates. Always starting with a core, hand drawn image and painting (using ink, pens, pencils, acrylics and vivid phosphorescent colours, Carolyn gathers information from her clients which informs and guides her work. Carolyn uses intuition in her creative process which is fuelled through the discussions with her client and this sets the basis for each unique piece. The overarching aim being to represent a likeness of the person, but in addition, to capture something more… 

Carolyn produces original one-off pieces of art which are occasionally available in her shop and she also produces prints for sale which are available here. In addition, she also accepts portrait commissions and occasionally pet portraiture. 

"My art is modern, evocative and multi-faceted... I want to my creations to capture your attention, to hold it and then regain it, with every viewing providing an opportunity to see something new. As complex and as multi-dimensional as YOU.


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Mail: enquiries@carolyn-hammond.co.uk
Telephone: +44 7799782333

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