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Portrait Art

Something different has arrived in the world of portrait art…


A multi-faceted individual who 'sees'.
The work of Carolyn Hammond merges the simple likeness of a person in hand drawn form and through her unique creative process moves that image into the realms of fantasy.
These creations are not just flat images or representations of a person, they represent the many layers of a person. Carolyn's creative process draws heavily on time spent with her clients, gathering information on their likes, dislikes and preferences - the aim being to get to know the person and let the knowledge gathered shape the art.

"When I set out on this journey of discovery into portrait art my overarching desire was to attempt to capture and convey the complexities of human kind.
To capture more than a likeness, to illuminate the person from within and in doing so release a mystical,
magical element which allows a person to be seen differently.
What I'm coming to realise from working with people in this way is that the completed portrait allows them to see and experience themselves differently too."


A free spirit with a warriors heart.


An sharp intelligence with a soft side.


A confident, intuitive star child.


Harmony, inner peace and approachability - the essence of Livia.
"Carolyn is a fantastic artist. This artwork completely represents me as a person. My red hair, which is so important to me... my crazy personality, my unique style, my spirit, my confidence and love for life - all captured here! I can't take my eyes of the finished product, so much to look at!
I can only recommend Carolyn's work ... you will get a unique portrait and when you look at it you are at home. You see you. The person that you are!"

Livia Whittall

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