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Pet portrait art – something new has just arrived…

There is little doubt that we are a nation who love our pets and pet portrait art is rapidly becoming the number one way to immortalise your pet!

You only have to spend a little time on any social media platform to have this confirmed and even a glance back into our history shows that through the ages, our pets have joined us centre stage when we look to capture moments in time through photography or formal portraits.

Pets, through their association with us, reveal something about us… and this begins when we decide to make a pet a part of our lives. I guess, some start off with the idea of a pet as a fashion statement – an extension of their personal style; others might decide that the pet will be a child substitute or, the desire to share our lives with them can come purely from the joy and love that they represent and bring to the relationship. Whatever the driving force we simply adore them.

As I began to think about undertaking some pet portrait art projects, I knew that I didn’t want to just get a likeness down on paper… a bit like my portraits generally, I wanted to capture so much more depth, in addition to a likeness. So on that basis I approach my pet portrait art in exactly the same way as I approach my general portrait art and that is to attempt, through information gathering, to gain a deeper sense of the pet and also the owner. Not that the owner was a part of the portrait, but in some ways through working in the way that I do, I was seeking to inject something… a sense of something that the pet owner would see and feel when they look at the portrait of their pet. Not just a likeness but something more.

Anyway, I will let you judge whether you like the approach or not. Art is wholly subjective and this approach certainly isn’t conventional… the feedback I’ve had has been really good and I’ve done some commissioned work which has been very positively received. Can’t ask for much more than that!

If you like the style and want to know more about getting a commission done for a gift or for yourself, just give me a call or drop me a line.

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