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Image showing family turned into a cartoon

In the run up to Christmas I was approached by a young lady who asked if I could turn some of her relatives into a cartoon or line drawing. Not literally of course – my skills do not stretch that far!

Aimee had scoured the internet for someone to do this and whilst there were many formulaic options available, the majority were outside of her budget and were not what she was looking for. Aimee wanted something special.

Now this isn’t something that I had done before. Although, when I was in school I did want to be a Cartoonist and loved drawing them as a teenager. However, I’d never attempted to turn anyone into a cartoon.

Aimee sent me some photographs of the family she wanted immortalised in ink – there were five family members (including the much loved pet dog). If I’m honest, I was a little daunted and nervous. However, once I got started I enjoyed the process and following a couple of exchanges with Aimee to get the ‘look’ right, the final drawing was ready. Aimee was over the moon and I’ve since had feedback from her that the family are very pleased with their gift.


The moral of this story is ‘ask’… artists are very flexible in their approach and they love to create. So if you want something specific and you think a particular artist could help, message them… if you don’t ask you will never know.

I love chatting with people and helping them bring their ideas to life.

I may add ‘cartoon’ creating to my list of offerings in 2021, but not before I’ve done a few more. So, if you’d like someone, or even yourself immortalised in this way, just drop me a line. The price for doing this will be significantly cheaper whilst I’m in the development phase 🙂

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