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Go with the flow

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I guess I’ve always loved art, doodling, drawing, painting and creating but like many of us, I lost sight of this part of myself for a good few years whilst getting on with the job of earning a living, raising children and finding my way in the world. However, as a result of going through quite an intense period of stress (I won’t bore you). I found myself naturally reaching for pens, pencils, paints and pads of paper… I started to doodle.

Very quickly I realised that whilst engaged in this process of ‘mark making’ (because in real terms that’s all it is and was), I couldn’t think about anything else. The process allowed me to escape the intrusive, stress inducing thoughts that were circling around my head and it helped me out of a negative cycle. It gave my brain an opportunity to rest and the process of recovery began.

So, on the back of my personal experience, I recently created a short video for the Shropshire Virtual Show titled: Go with the Flow. I designed the video to get the watcher thinking about utilising art (in the form of simple mark making or doodling) to manage feelings of stress and/or anxiety. There really is no artistic skill required, but what you can produce can certainly be labelled as ‘ART’ and my very first foray into this is hanging in my lounge currently.

Whether you use the video as an art therapy tool or just for fun, you might just produce something beautiful and that is always worth a little time and effort. See video below for information.

Have fun!

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