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Pet portrait art – something new has just arrived…

There is little doubt that we are a nation who love our pets and pet portrait art is rapidly becoming the number one way to immortalise your pet! You only have to spend a little time on any social media platform to have this confirmed and even a glance back into our history shows that through the ages, our pets have joined us centre stage when we look to capture… Read More »Pet portrait art – something new has just arrived…

Home Decoration – the colour palette.

Deciding on a colour scheme for your home is rarely easy or straightforward. Introducing the elements of choice and competing tastes can often lead to friction and detract from, what should be, a pleasurable experience. But, I’m here to change all that and I’m really pleased to be able to support my clients with their home decoration by providing a simple, yet powerful tool – the colour palette. I’ve thrown… Read More »Home Decoration – the colour palette.

Image showing family turned into a cartoon

Unique Gifts

In the run up to Christmas I was approached by a young lady who asked if I could turn some of her relatives into a cartoon or line drawing. Not literally of course – my skills do not stretch that far! Aimee had scoured the internet for someone to do this and whilst there were many formulaic options available, the majority were outside of her budget and were not what… Read More »Unique Gifts

Where to start looking for Art online?

Why buy wall art? There can be no doubt that filling your home with décor that reflects you and your personality, has a positive impact on transforming your house into a home and a big part of this process involves the purchase or creation of wall art. What do white or plain walls say about you? In terms of the vibe, it’s not always good and it’s certainly doesn’t make… Read More »Where to start looking for Art online?

Life is full of twists and turns…

It’s a funny old world and you certainly never know when a sprinkling of magic will come your way. I’ve spent the last few years doodling, painting and drawing… very much reconnecting with that part of me that existed in my teens. A part that had got lost amongst the realities of life. As a result of these gentle steps, I tentatively started to put my art out there and… Read More »Life is full of twists and turns…

Stress Management Image

Go with the flow

I guess I’ve always loved art, doodling, drawing, painting and creating but like many of us, I lost sight of this part of myself for a good few years whilst getting on with the job of earning a living, raising children and finding my way in the world. However, as a result of going through quite an intense period of stress (I won’t bore you). I found myself naturally reaching… Read More »Go with the flow

Workplace Art is the visualisation of your brand into your workplace…

Art has long since adorned the walls and echoing spaces of large corporations wanting to project an image or enhance their brand. Some even engage in ‘proactive collecting’ of pieces which sit at the heart of their corporate identities. There is no doubt that art, in whatever form, inspires conversation and debate, it also resonates with individuals and can form a connection, just like branding, which persists over time. The… Read More »Workplace Art is the visualisation of your brand into your workplace…

Logo design for the Wilde Ones

Case Study – the Wilde Ones

The idea for ‘The Wilde Ones’ came from Melissa’s love of working with fabric and her design to turn, what was essentially a hobby, into a home=based business.