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Business Mentoring Kick-start Sessions


Kick Start Sessions for start-ups and small businesses (including hand-made and home-based businesses). Also, ideal for those with a business idea but no clue where to start.

“Sometimes it can be really difficult to see the wood for the trees… you may have an idea, or your thinking of turning a hobby into a business but keep going round in circles with the ‘should I, shouldn’t I’ questions. Or, like so many of us, you have friends and family encouraging you to take your talents into the business world but outside of that, you’ve no clue if your idea would have wider appeal and so you’re cautious about making an investment and spending money.”

Whatever the issue facing you, talking it through with an experienced business mentor like Carolyn Hammond (that’s me) can make all the difference.

If you’d like to read a little about what people have said who are worked with me click here.


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  • Do you have an idea for a business but no idea where to start to make it real?
  • Are you a hobbyist or crafter who would love to find a way to turn what you do as a hobby into a business?
  • Are you first and foremost a creative soul who finds the idea of running a business so daunting that it’s putting you off trying?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above then I can help.

I’ve worked with hundreds of people who have ideas and want to turn them into a business. Initially, I did this via the Government’s Enterprise allowance scheme where individuals had to write a credible business plan to access small seed funding from the government to start their businesses. What I came to recognise is that there were many people, outside of this arena who needed support and guidance and that’s why I decided to go Freelance. Offering freelance hours to individuals, means that my service is accessible and it provides cost effective solutions which can be ‘bought’ on an as and when basis.

“I think it’s sad that many small businesses fall at the first hurdle fail because they feel they have nowhere to turn to get the real world support, insights, guidance and the backup they need to enable them to thrive and set their business ideas in motion.”

That’s why I started the Business Mentoring Kick-start Sessions and also the Business Mentoring Monthly Package. To help businesses and people with ideas shape their worlds.

Working on a freelance basis gives me more flexibility to work creatively with my client’s and tailor the level of support needed to each individual/business. My skills cover: marketing (including social media), copy-writing, graphic design, business administration/finance and more. I have a BA (Hons) in Business Studies and I’ve studied Psychology to degree level with the Open University.

In simple terms I offer the Kick-start Sessions to help you move out of the long grass and into the sunshine. The sessions are focussed on your needs and prior to each session I will send you a proforma to fill in which will help me to understand where you are and the kind of help you need. Of course, we can talk about anything outside of this during the sessions, but gaining an insight helps me to prepare and ensures that you get the right level of support.

All sessions will include the provision of briefing/action notes following the session and these will be used in any follow-ups booked.

Business Mentoring isn’t about having someone do the work for you. It’s about having someone help build your capacity so you can do the work confidently.

If you’d like to chat before signing up for this service, just give me a call or drop me a message. I’m always happy to chat.


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