Stress Management / Art Therapy Workshop

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A little time away just for you at my Stress Management / Art Therapy Workshop.

Ninety minutes of creative activity, aimed at reducing stress and finding a little inner peace. Sound good?

  • Do you find it hard to switch off?
  • Do you suffer with intrusive thoughts which you wish you could shake?
  • Is stress and/or anxiety a feature of your life?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, then my 90 minute virtual stress management / art therapy workshop will provide you with a skill which has the potential to reduce and/or eliminate feelings anxiety. The benefits are experienced both during the workshop and longer term when practiced regularly. Click here to read reviews for this workshop on Google.

*Please note that discounted tickets (50% off) are available to everyone who has taken part in a workshop with me. If you haven’t received your discount code just drop me a message.

Do I need to have creative skills to take part?

No artistic skill is required and no special equipment. Just you, some paper and just a biro (as a minimum). You are welcome to bring additional items (coloured pencils, pens and paint etc) if you’d like to do more. It is your choice. You will receive guidance on what to bring when you sign up.

How did you develop the workshop?

I’ve always loved art, doodling, drawing, painting and creating. However, like many of us, I lost sight of this part of myself for a good few years whilst getting on with the job of earning a living, raising children and finding my way in the world. However, as a result of going through quite an intense period of stress (I won’t bore you). I found myself naturally reaching for pens, pencils, paints and pads of paper… I started to doodle.

Very quickly I realised that whilst engaged in this process of ‘mark making’ (because in real terms that’s all it is and was), I couldn’t think about anything else. The process allowed me to escape the intrusive, stress inducing thoughts that were circling around my head and it helped me out of a negative cycle. It gave my brain an opportunity to rest and the process of recovery began.

So, on the back of my personal experience, I recently created a 90 minute workshop titled: Go with the Flow. I designed the workshop out of my personal experiences with the aim of helping participants to think about utilising art (in the form of simple mark making or doodling) to manage feelings of stress and/or anxiety. There really is no artistic skill required, but what you can produce can certainly be labelled as ‘ART’ and my very first foray into this is hanging in my lounge currently.

What will I get?

Whether you use the time and space in the workshop for art therapy or just for fun, you will produce something beautiful and that is always worth a little time and effort. It is certainly an opportunity to take time out, chill with others and just ‘be’ in a supportive calm space.

All participants receive a workshop guide in advance just to help outline the shape of the session… it will be relaxed. The session includes a brief presentation giving the background to the workshop and some guidance on what we will do together during the sessions. Then it’s on with the process of mark making.

What usually happens during the sessions?

I would describe the sessions as interactive periods punctuated by peace and silence.

What do other people say about the workshops?

Snippets from feedback received from recent sessions:

“Carolyn sets a relaxing and warm environment (which is difficult to do in the online world). It was surprising how quickly the 2 hours went… I was both pleased and surprised with the results… I did feel relaxed and slept brilliantly…”

“Carolyn delivered a wonderful Stress Management course at Pearls Networking last week. It was so relaxing to be able to switch off from the day… It felt re-energising and I’d recommend Carolyn’s Sessions to everyone.”

“I was very impressed with the calming effect that the artwork I produced had on me… I would highly recommend attending a class.”

Click here to read more reviews.

When is the next workshop?

The next workshop will be held on Wednesday 16th June, 2021 @ 7pm (Cost: £ 15.00*). The workshop spaces fill up fast as I limit numbers to just 20 people – keeping it small and relaxed.

I will be guiding the group activity, but there is also space for 1:1 working so that you get the level of support you need throughout. I hope this will make it feel a little more special and interactive.

How do I sign up?

Just click the link to sign up. If you need any further information before booking just drop me a line.

Book on Event Brite by clicking here.

*If you have attended a workshop with me previously just message me for a discount code.

2 reviews for Stress Management / Art Therapy Workshop

  1. trulybatique

    I attended Carolyn’s Art Therapy workshop at a Pearl’s Networking session. It was very therapeutic and calming. Carolyn is a very friendly and kind teacher. She made it the session fun, informative and I enjoyed it very much. I love art and doodling and the session with Carolyn was very insightful for me.

    • Carolyn Hammond

      Hi Loshini

      Thank you so much for taking the time out to comment on the Workshop. I’m very glad to hear that you enjoyed it and that you found it fun and informative – that is the aim. I hope you continue to practice and that the benefits become a part of your life 🙂 If I can do anything to help in the future, please do not hesitate to contact me.

      Thank you again.


  2. Mai

    This was a fun relaxed easy joyful evening where I have attended the workshop via zoom. Carolyn is lovely and helpful. U dont have to have any art experince or even matrials. Black marker and white paper will do 😉 its something u can learn and keep doing on ur own

    • Carolyn Hammond

      Hello Mai 🙂 Thank you for the lovely feedback. I’m very pleased to hear that you enjoyed the evening and found it ‘joyful’. Keep in touch 🙂

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