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About Carolyn Hammond

An image of the artistBorn in West Wales in 1964 – the youngest child of a strongly Celtic family, with roots in both Ireland and Wales. From an early age, Carolyn always loved art and mark making. As a child, it was often recounted that Carolyn would spend countless hours drawing and painting… not much has changed.  This life long fascination with art has led to an exploration of mixed media and the creation of her signature style whilst involves a fusing of the traditional with the digital.  This allows Carolyn the creative flexibility and freedom that she values most and has led to some truly magical and unique results. It is this exploration that drives Carolyn’s artwork today.

Carolyn’s journey as an artist has not been linear. She has studied Business and Psychology at the University of Glamorgan and the Open University and embarked on a long career in local government and business mentoring which ended (in part) in 2012. Shortly after this she chose to follow her heart and return to her creative roots.

Initially, Carolyn tentatively moved forward as an artist. Like many people who have had an alternative career, and largely being self-taught, Carolyn was hesitant about her place as an artist. However, thanks to the support of her family and the inspiration they provided, Carolyn has persisted. This, combined with some mentoring sessions and workshops with a top flight artist and a growing band of followers, led to Carolyn developing the confidence she needed to keep doing what she loves.

If you’d like to learn more, contact Carolyn today. 

Mixed-media sits at the heart of almost everything I do... it facilitates such magical, unexpected results and enables me to work flexibly with those clients who are excited about thinking outside of the box.
After having painted and drawn in the traditional way for many years (acrylic, watercolour and oil), I began to experiment with mixed-media and started to fuse several techniques together (hand drawings, paintings, sketches and digital media) and began to produce colourful, vibrant art, full of depth and life.
It also means that what I do can, in most circumstances, find its way onto a multitude of surfaces. So, if you have a specific project in mind just drop me a line - let's see what's possible.

Carolyn Hammond
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